Monday, November 30, 2015

Announcements: December 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a few announcements to make regarding future projects for the SDP.
  • On this blog, my next big project is another installment of Indie-Cember.  As was the case in 2013, most of my reviews for the month of December 2015 will be devoted to independent video games I've discovered over the past few years.  Possible reviews for "Indie-Cember 2" include Heavy Bullets, Tower of Guns, Crypt of the NecrodancerMercenary Kings, Freedom Planet, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Undertale.
    • If there's time, I'll also do first-impression reviews on the demos for Mighty No.9 and, assuming it gets funded, Indivisible.  As of me posting this article, Indivisible needs to raise US$200,000 (to a total of $1,500,000) in just three days.  They can do it, but they need your help!  Visit their page on Indiegogo here.  Edit 3 Dec 2015: Hooray, they made it to $1.5 million!  Indivisible is a go!  Now let's go for those stretch goals, people!
  • Once that's done, it'll be time for my usual year-end round up of the year's hit music, but I thought I would do something a little different this year.  Instead of straight up top-ten and bottom-ten lists, I'm going to do something like an awards show, where I think up a bunch of semi-arbitrary categories, find some songs to fill them with, and pick the "best" one for each category.  I shall call it the first annual SDP Music Awards.  Planned categories include:
    • Worst Sample or Interpolation
    • Most Boring Song
    • Most Generic Hip-Hop/Rap Song
    • Most Generic Country Song
    • Most Generic EDM Song
    • Biggest Guilty Pleasure
    • Surprisingly Best Song
    • Worst New Artist
    • Worst Lyric
    • Overall Worst Song
    • Overall Best Song
  • I am pleased to report that I shall be going back to making videos for a third season!  Among the episodes I have lined up are Frozen, The Wind Rises, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.  As of writing this article, I have already filmed the first two episodes.  Those episodes were chosen because of the Academy Awards controversy I've been obsessing off and on with.  I know it's been almost two years since those fateful Oscars, but this is something I have to get off my chest before it's too late.
  • I do have some format changes in mind, however.  I haven't included Ichigo, my animated co-host character in any of the new episodes, and at the rate this is going, he may end up gone from my show for good.  It's pretty much a case of not having enough, or any, material for his character.  If nothing else, it should help me, and you the viewers, focus on the reviews themselves.
  • Earlier this year, I had filmed another episode to serve as a finale for season 2, based on my review of Zelda II.  This episode would also have closed out the Strawberry Dragon Gamer arc.  However, since then I've had a change of heart.  The whole point of the SD Gamer was to make fun of the real Irate Gamer, which I kind of don't feel like doing any more.  Sure, you can make the case that the Irate Gamer is a complete wasteoid of a human being who fails epically at everything he does, but the key word is "human being".  I'm worried about descending into the realm of bullying, so I'm gonna lay off the guy.  Besides, that's what the "Irate Gamer Sucks" blog is for. :-)
  • In February 2016, I'll devote a short series of videos to reviews of video games made by the studio Rare, which I'm calling "Febru-Rare-y".  Planned episodes for "Febru-Rare-y" include RC Pro-Am, Blast Corps, and Jet Force Gemini.
  • When the new James Bond film, Spectre, comes out on home video in this country, which should be around March 2016, I'll give it its own review in the style of the ones I did for the 007 Golden Jubilee a couple of years ago.  Around that time I'll also do a video on the top ten dumbest James Bond moments, which I've updated recently, in fact.
  • The 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog will be rolling up in June 2016, so as I did for the 20th anniversary before, I'll kick off another Sonic Month, filled with reviews and possibly more videos dedicated to the Blue Blur.  This time around, I'll try to focus on the Genesis games that made him famous, and see if they still hold up today... er, tomorrow.
As for Indigo Children, the novel-turned-comic book I had intended to devote this past year to, things apparently hadn't gone as smoothly as I had hoped.  I got through ten pages of one chapter before A) I grew overwhelmed at the kinds of work I had to do, and B) I also grew dissatisfied at how the story was developing.  So I decided to scrap it and start over.  Alas, I suppose my new year's resolution of finishing something to some capacity will have to be recycled for 2016.  But can I balance that out with everything I have planned for the SDP?  We'll see what happens, I guess.  Until then...

This is IchigoRyu.

You are the resistance.

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