Monday, December 31, 2012

Year In Review 2012: YOLO

For this new Year-In-Review special, I will be discussing the term "YOLO".  It's short for "You Only Live Once", and like I've said before, I both appreciate what it means and despair over how it was used.  But in 2012, it seems the universe pulled a YOLO on us, because all manner of strange stuff took place.  Reminisce with me:

  • First of all, the Mayan new year on 21 December was interpreted as the end of the world. ...Yeah, didn't happen, but it would explain why we all got the following out of the way!
  • Presidential elections and/or power handovers in Yemen, Russia, France, Venezuela, the USA, China, South Korea, and Japan.
  • After Hamas and Israel had a brief war with each other, the United Nations gave (the good part) of Palestine the next best thing to statehood.
  • North Korea finally managed to successfully launch a rocket.  May God have mercy on our souls.
  • The year's celebrity deaths include Etta James, Whitney Houston, Neil Armstrong, and Ravi Shankar.
  • A relative unknown from South Korea unseated Justin Bieber as the king of YouTube.
  • Austria's Felix Baumgartner was the first man to break the speed of sound without a vehicle, in a free-fall from 24 miles up in space.
  • The Twilight Saga went away with a bang.  May we forget about it forever from here on out.
  • Sadly, Mega Man Legends 3 still did still not come to be.  But after so much apparent disdain for the Blue Bomber, Capcom gave their blessing to a PC fan game, Street Fighter X Mega Man, to kick off the franchise's 25th anniversary.  May this lead to better times for Mega in 2013.
And last but least :-/, I branched off into video!  I still don't have many fans, but it's been a thrill doing this for my own fulfillment, and I will keep on through 2013 since, well, we're still around for it!  Sorry this retrospective was so short, but I shouldn't have waited until 10:30 PM to start writing I think "YOLO" encapsulates the spirit of the year perfectly.  Can't wait for 2013!  (Good, because I've only got 45 minutes to go as I finish this.)

This is IchigoRyu.

God bless America.  And everyone else.

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