Thursday, July 22, 2010

SDP the First

Hello, and welcome to the Strawberry Dragon Project.  So, what is the Strawberry Dragon Project, or SDP for people who like me don't have the time or attention to say such a mouthful?  Simply put, it's a review blog.  And the name?  Well, inspired by a completely unscientific study in which I noticed large numbers of girls' manga with "strawberry" in the title and boys' manga with "dragon" in the title, you get the following mismash: I do reviews of anything I feel like; games, movies, TV, and music, live action and animated, Western and Asian.  

I see this as my little way of getting a foothold into the entertainment world.  The idea started as a video review series inspired by the increasingly popular site That Guy With The Glasses.  But I couldn't keep my interest in that idea going for long.  Then later, inspired by my work doing Phoenix Wrong videos, I came up with the idea of having myself do the reviews in animated form.  I might get to that later, but in order for it all to work, I had to start small.  That's where this blog comes in.

I pledge alliegance to none (save the flag of the United States of America and the nation thereby represented, you know the deal).  I don't automatically accentuate the negative or even positive in my reviews; rather, I go into everything with an open mind and call them like I see them.  Of course, if something's really going down (or up) hill, you'll know.  And all of my reviews will include a rating of some sort.

P.S. If anyone from Metacritic is watching, my system uses letter grades, but it's not the same system seen in (American) schools.  It starts out at 100% for an A+, then it goes down by 5% each step.  For example, 90% is an A-, and 80% a B.  The F grade, representing general failure, covers a range of 0-40%.  I'll also be including the percentage with each grade for you to make sense of it all.

So, in finality, welcome to the Strawberry Dragon Project. 

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